We at Pretavoir hope you've had a wonderful holiday season! We're glad to be back with our luxury eyewear sale is in full swing and we get to bring you our favourite glasses news from around the web. From vintage glasses, pop culture fashion inspired editorials and an eyewear revolution it can only be Thank Pret It's Friday.ugly_pretty4A real Flackback Friday but we are completely in love with this editorial from Citizen K's 2012 Winter Edition. This Ugly Betty inspired editorial has perfectly encapsulated everything we love about the geek chic trend.Creating visually stunning glasses that look both great on and off, the new Alexander Daas eyewear collection is utterly gorgeous and perfect for those with a narrower face!Tracy Sedino's vintage eyewear collection is to die for! Linda Farrow, Pucci and YSL all make an appearance. We have glasses envy!We already suspected as much but the world is finally catching up. Move over contact lenses, glasses are officially back! We've been completely inspired by actress Amy Poehler's Smart Girls, Blue Glasses campaign. We've been trawling through the #blueglasses hash tag all week and love the different creative designs people have been coming up with. Not sure what it's all about? Find out here! We've got some gorgeous opticals and sunglasses in our sale - with some of our favourite brands including Burberry, Celine and Viktor and Rolf all reduced. Remember to follow us on twitter, instagram and bloglovin for more glasses news and offers!