This week we take a look in to the past. We revisit some of our favourite eyewear campaigns from legendary designer Alan Mikli as well as spy the launch of a collection inspired by vintage icon Marilyn Monroe. If you're curious how to wear your sunglasses this Spring or want to know more about Pamela Love's venture in to eyewear, Pret have you covered. It's Thank Pret It's Friday, your weekly eyewear news.2003bWe love this timeline of legendary eyewear designer Alan Mikli's different advertising campaigns. Do you have a favourite?Speaking of Mikli, we think blogger Forever Yours Betty looks spectacular in her upside down Alan Mikli's from Pretavoir. We're dying to try them out!Jeweller, Pamela Love is all set to transfer her rock and roll aesthetic in to eyewear. Team Pret love her jewellery so can't wait to see what she does with a pair of specs!SPOTTED: Silhouette's clean and elegant frames on Akris latest runway show. Don't they look gorgeous?Authentic Brands are launching a new eyewear collection inspired by style icon Marilyn Monroe. No doubt they'll be launching some cat eyes for us to covet!How will you be wearing your sunglasses this Spring? Style spotters predict it will be paired with an over-sized coat.Ever wondered how a pair of Dior glasses were made? Wonder no more as Dior take you behind the scenes in the development of their eyewear.Want to be the first to hear about any of our favourite eyewear news from around the web? Follow Pretavoir on twitter and instagram for all our updates and offers including flash sales, celebrity style and how to wear!