Ayrton Senna is definitively regarded as one of the greatest Formula One drivers of all time. His impressive three Formula One world championship victories aside, Senna also drove a noteworthy 41 wins from otherraces during his career,leaving an impression on the racing world that will never be forgotten. He was well-loved for his charisma and dedication, while acclaimed for his tenacity and skill on the track.


With a figure as iconic as Ayrton Senna, Tag Heuer truly had their work cut out for them when they set off with a plan to design a special edition range of sunglasses inspired by the driver. Tag Heuer, no stranger to the world of competitive racing or Senna himself, having previously paired up with Senna as a Tag McLaren Mercedes driver and Tag Heuer ambassador in 1988, were certainly the right brand to take on this task. The range of sunglasses we're presented with certainly befit Senna's name.


Above is the Tag Heuer Ayrton Senna model 0981 in colour 102, black and red with a grey lens. This particular model likely typifies Senna most in its design and colour, easily fitting right in with his recognisable red uniform. But hey, if it's not quite your bag, Tag has designed the Senna collection in several colours within four slightly varied styles. There's the 0981, 0982 (soon to be posted online, but currently available to order via e-mail or telephone), 0983 and 0984. As if the style and design didn't exude Senna's captivating self enough on its own, it even has his actual signature subtly engraved on the upper right lens.

Tag 0981 401_1

How cool is that? Even cooler is the fact that in designing this incredibly striking item, Tag Heuer has partnered up with the Instituto Ayrton Senna, or IAS (Ayrton Senna Institute), which is an organisation developed by Senna and his family, officially launched in 1994 several months after Senna's death, dedicated to improving the quality of education on a large scale for children throughout Brazil.instituto-ayrton-senna-logoThe official Ayrton Senna Institution logo can be seen on the side of the outer sunglasses box, confirming that every single sale of these special Tags directly benefits the organisation that was born of Senna's humanitarian concern. It was found that he had donated millions of his personal fortune to help poor children during his life, and once said "If we want to change something, we must start with the children".


So perhaps cool isn't the right word. It's not every day you can buy something that makes you look so awesome while feeling so perfectly wholesome and good. Our kudos to the Sennas and Tag Heuer for this touching collaboration in commemoration of Ayrton Senna's life.