The Wolf of Wall Street is a film filled to the brim with 90's excess. White lapels, pinstripe suits, ill fitting polo shirts and paisley print ties in a garish parade, perfectly capturing the style (or lack there of) from the era. While we've seen style become more refined and polished since then, coupled with more clever choice of patterns and textures, one thing that has stood the test of time is the eye wear. What sunglasses does Leonardo Dicaprio wear in Wolf of Wall Street? You only need ask.
Ray Ban 2140 - Wolf of Wall StRay Ban 4147 - Wolf of Wall St
     If you want to nail DiCaprio's look in Wolf of Wall Street you need look no further than a classic pair of Ray Ban's. He sports of couple of killer frames in the film including one of our favourites, the Ray Ban 2140. With a slightly different finish than the classic Wayfarer, the Ray Ban 4147 is a cool rectangle frame and the tortie shell is an exact match for later in the film. Both are design classics and ideal if looking to channel your inner Wolf of Wall Street.leodicaprioleoraybanWill you be emulating any of the looks from Wolf of Wall Street?