American Hustle has been sweeping up this award season with it's fantastic costume design. With a mix of vintage, pieces created in house and plenty of wigs, it's not hard to see why. For us though we couldn't get over the gorgeous eye wear on display. the 70's and 80's were a spectacular time for eye wear when ostentatious and large frames were popular - lending themselves to become instant classics today. Christian Bale looked amazing in his tinted aviators and we just had to know - what sunglasses does Christian Bale wear in American Hustle?christianbaleamericanhustleAmerican Hustle is packed with some gorgeous vintage glasses reminisent of the era. We spotted some Dior and heaps of Ray Bans and couldn't wait to emulate the effortlessly cool and bold look that dominated 70's and 80's eyewear. It was Christian Bale's tinted aviators that quickly became our hot pick frame from the film. We're getting some serious vintage Ray Ban vibes from these classic 70's aviators, so how can you get the look? Here's out favourites.Ray Ban 3387 001/13 - The gold frame with the brown gradient frames is a gorgeous modern dupe for Bale's frames in American Hustle. Great shape and with an authentic 70's feel, the 3387 has to be our top pick for getting the look.Looking to channel your inner Bale but not looking for a gold frame? These Gucci GG287 frames are on point for pulling together the perfect 70's look in their brown leather finish coupled with tinted frames.If wanting a slightly stronger tinted frame the Ray Ban 8307 014/NS with it's crystal polar brown lenses is the ideal frame for capturing the perfect 70's look which is complimented by the thin brown aviator full frame.Will you be channeling American Hustle in your wardrobe this Summer?