Model, entrepreneur, soon to be blogger and style icon, there's not much Scottish born Chris John Millington hasn't turned his hand at. In a short period of time he's went from small house in Kilmarnock to moving traveling the world modeling. That's not even touching upon his popular beard oil, moving to New York or indeed the impending launch of his clothing line Alaska. We invited Chris round for some specs and a natter to find out our favourite bearded gents musing on style, his dream dinner party and eyewear.SiobhanStewart005 DSC_0220_2Tell us a bit about yourself: I'm 24, I am from Kilmarnock, I'm a model and soon-to-be fashion blogger and I've just moved to New York.How would you describe your personal style: It's a tough one for me to describe, actually. I'm a bit of a mixed bag. I usually wear quite skater/punk-esque stuff these days (always in a biker or denim jacket) and I'm never going to wear anything other than skinny jeans. I'm a punk-skater hybrid, I guess.Why did you choose these glasses: I just thought they were beautiful, versatile and timeless. The Ray-Ban Clubmasters in particular jumped out at me as the type of glasses I'd dream about. Pretty proud to say I now own a pair, thanks to you guys!!!What's your top tip when looking for new eyewear: Find something that complements your facial structure and your personal style. Whatever you feel comfortable in, would be the best choice, of course!Where do you get your style inspiration: A few places, I guess. The skateboarding movement has always been the forerunner for mens fashion, in my opinion. If you look at what those guys are wearing now, in 2 years, that will be the main menswear trends, on the casual side of things. I take inspiration from there and some more classic styles, like the 50's.Any trends we should be keeping an eye on at the moment: Monochrome, it is EVERYWHERE! I absolutely love it, being honest. I think paisley is making a bit of a comeback this season, too.Who would make the cut in your dream dinner party (living or dead): Steve McQueen, Bruce Lee, my Grandfather! They were all my heroes growing up, I wouldn't mind enjoying a Sunday roast with those fellas.Style Icon: It's got to be Heath Kirchart, he's a pro skater and from the age of 11 I've been taking reference from him, such a slick, effortless dude.What's next on the cards for you: I'm setting up camp in New York for a while, starting my new fashion blog and launching my own menswear line, Alaska. It's all exciting on my end, I'm pretty content! I'm really just buzzing about wearing my new glasses, to be honest!

chrisTop to Bottom: Oliver Peoples - Elins, Ray Ban - Clubmaster, Oliver Peoples - Gregory Pecks

We love the classic styles Chris went for and can't wait to see more pics of him sporting his favourite specs Stateside! Any pairs stand out for you?