It has been announced that Stella McCartney will launch an eco-friendly range of sunglasses as part of her 2012 Spring Collection. The vegetarian designer is committed to campaigning for environmental issues and has already added vegan heals to a previous collection. The sunglass range will consist of five different pairs, three with acetate frames and two with metal frames. The new designs will use materials kinder to the environment including a new acetate plastic, which combines cellulose with 'natural plasticisers' derived from citric acid. Stella believes using renewable sources for her designs promotes good practice. Most sunglasses use plastic derived from petroleum, whereas Stella's is a blend which includes

a 54 per cent contribution from castor oil seeds, a renewable resource itself. But dont't go thinking this will compromise on quality, Macca's daughter has promised a collection that is made to the highest quality with a luxury finish; it'll just be the price that you'll be feeling guilty about when wearing them...just remember it's all for a good cause.