With ski season in full swing, we're all looking for the perfect gear for hitting the slopes. Up there with a really good pair of gloves for us is a brilliant pair of goggles. Comfort, quick adjustment to lighting conditions and looking good all rank pretty high when we're looking for our perfect pair. With Pretavoir's flash sale on Oakleys this week, we thought we would round up our favourite pair of goggles before heading out.zeal_goggle_es2spp_eclipse_sppx_carbon_matt_black-21. Zeal Eclipse Goggles ES2SPPWhile not the cheapest on the market, the Zeal Eclipse is one of our favourite goggles before heading out skiing. Super comfortable as well as adjusting quickly to sun and shade on the mountain make these a worth while purchase if looking to spend a little bit extra.oakley2. Oakley A FrameWorking equally well on cloudy and sunny days, Oakley's are always a popular choice for snow goggles. Stylish and functional, Oakley always deliver on classic, unisex reliable eyewear.gucci3. Gucci Goggles If looking for something a bit more high end, Gucci's goggles are a gorgeous fashion forward choice. They deliver as well as you would expect from a quality eyewear brand, both comfortable and reliable but with the added bonus of the added Gucci branding. We adore the matte white and green and red striping!What will you be wearing for hitting the slopes?