When it comes to sunglasses, sometimes you want to really play with your colour, which is why Pretavoir is pleased to announce the launch of our new Sherbet collection.sherbetFrom sticks of rock to fish and chips, sandcastles and arcade games, there is nothing quite like the British Seaside. Just in time for Summer, Pretavoir is pleased to introduce the exclusive Sherbet Collection. Inspired by the Great British Summer, Sherbet is a limited collection of bright coloured Wayfarers, coming in 4 different colour ways and fully customisable Pic N Mix tints. With 4 candy coloured tints to choose from, there's up to 16 different combinations you can create from the collection allowing you to really personalise your eyewear.10257657_10152011118745870_5557891421959318617_o 10259077_10152011119845870_2337027628486298354_o 10269311_10152011118900870_1845879154026906870_o 10301353_10152011118625870_4563398820004855603_nWith seaside sweets and long Summer days being the main influence, we've named each frame for our favourite sherbet flavours, each available with 4 different tints ÛÒ strawberry, blueberry, blackberry and lemon.What's your favourite colour combo?