Over the years, Karen Walker has become known for their eclectic eyewear campaigns. The campaigns frequently feature atypical models including children, older fashionistas and eyewear artisans. Vampires, balloons and religious iconography have all influenced Walker's campaigns. That's why Pret Loves Karen Walker Eyewear campaigns.karenwalker1 karenwalker2 karenwalker3 karenwalker5 karenwalker6 karenwalker7 karenwalker9The recurring theme of Karen Walker has always been to dabble in either end of the extremes and push them together, mixing luxury and non-luxury and the super dark and uber cute. As a result we've seen Karen Walker eyewear produce some of the most imaginative eyewear campaigns in the last 5 years. The most recent campaign featured Kenyan eyewear artisans as models though her use of older models remains a truly iconic eyewear campaign.We can't wait to see what they come up with till next, but till then we're having trouble coming up with a favourite!