Who says boys don't make passes at girls who wear glasses? The brides who look most beautiful on their wedding day are the ones that look most like themselves on a really good day. But what if your normal self has four eyes instead of two? If like me, you are one of those girls who wears glasses everyday - so much so that they are almost apart of you - should you go without them on your wedding day?

We say, if you feel comfortable in your glasses, wear them! A comfortable bride is a glowing bride. While in today's world lenses are readily available and cheap to buy, we're seeing more and more brides decide to wear their specs down the aisle and what better occasion to invest in a new pair of frames than your own very special day?!

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The most common fear about wearing glasses on your wedding day is looking back at the photographs and not being able to see your eyes. Times have changed and with the improvements of anti glare (and a good photographer) there are tons of things you can do to improve any shine (or shade) problems. Talk to your photographer about any queries you have, as most likely they have dealt with this kind of thing before. If not, ask them to snap a few shots angled slightly from above to help fight the glare. Natural light is also a complete blessing for glasses, so the less use of flash the better. If you spot glare on your proofs, ask whether it can be removed digitally.

bride and groom glasses

Remember that when it comes to makeup, less is more. Your glasses create a natural focal point on your face, so you don't want to go overboard on the smokey eye or bright colours. Opt for subtle eyes, and make sure your eyebrows are neat and shaped to frame your face shape. Don't forget to put powder over your foundation so that there won't be a mark on your nose should you need to take your glasses off. One thing I would highly recommend is NOT to wear the glasses you wear everyday. Of course you want to feel yourself, but when you stand at the top of the aisle and see your partner standing at the bottom, think of how magical it would be when they see you in a way they have never before. Here are my top picks for the every bride.

The Classic Bride - Prada Parallel Universe - These frames are simple, yet classic. A cat eye is such a feminine shape and suits most, with the double metal extension highlighting cheekbones, giving a subtle take on a classic frame.


The Fashionista Bride - Miu Miu Rasoir - Dramatic and fashion forward, make like Beyonce down the aisle, your partner will be pleased they put a ring on it. Too much for everyday use after the wedding? Transform them into sunglasses by changing the lenses to your favourite tint.

quirky bride

The Rock n' Roll Bride - Ray Ban Clubmaster - These new frames from Ray Ban give a polished edge to a classic frame. Made famous in the 50's - give your face some shake, rattle and roll in this timeless frame.


The Traditional Bride - Chanel - The rectangular frame will always be a traditional favourite but for your wedding day a bride needs a special touch. These Chanel frames come in a stunning lilac colour and bows delicately placed at each temple.


The 'Less is More' Bride - Prada - Sleek, sophisticated and timeless. These frames would suit a bride of any age.


The 'More is More' Bride - Prada Baroque - A firm celebrity favourite, the Baroque side detailing has now become a recognisable statement from Prada.


The Girly Bride - Chanel Bows - A feminine frame for a feminine bride. The warm cream tone and bow accents will compliment any girly girl.


The Subtle Bride - Claudia Schiffer - These blush toned, square framed Claudia Schiffer frames will naturally blend into your make up showing off your eyes. Let them be the statement.


The Retro Bride - Oliver Peoples - For the bride who loves to reflect of times gone by, these classic Oliver People frames will make a statement without taking away any of your limelight.


The Dramatic Bride - Miu Miu - What better colour to toast your big day than a stunning champagne coloured frame?


Or Better yet, your something blue bride - Chanel.


No matter what kind of bride you are, you always want to look back and think you looked the most beautiful you ever have, why not treat your face to add to your something new? What do you think? Would you rock your glasses down the aisle?


We asked some of the top Wedding Bloggers exactly what their thoughts were on Brides wearing glasses. The general feedback was that it doesn't happen very often, with one blogger, Green Wedding Shoes, stating she has only had one Bride submit her photos wearing glasses. We absolutely adore this wedding and love that the couple decided to make a feature of the brides glasses and her partners moustache by adding them to their stunning Wedding Cake.




It was really interesting looking at all the comments where people were celebrating the fact Hannah chose to wear glasses, although when we asked Twitter, many came back saying they never wore their glasses due to the fear of the photos. Did you wear your glasses on your wedding day? We would love to feature you! Please send an email to bettyandbee@pretavoir.co.uk and we will be in touch!