After hitting our screens earlier this year on The Voice with her powerful rendition of Ray Charles' ÛÏHallelujah I Love Her So" young starlet Georgia Harrup became a Pret office favourite. Other than packing some serious vocal talent we fell in love with her girly quirky style and of course her love of eyewear. We had to catch up with The Voice's Georgia Harrup and find more about her eclectic style and becoming an eyewear icon.georgiaGeorgia wears Dior CD3282 ELU glasses from Pretavoir.
1. How did you enjoy your time on the Voice?
My time on BBC's The Voice 2014 was incredible! The most amazing thing was getting up in a morning and doing what I love - performing!
It was a long process - about 10 months in total but I learned so much about myself, my music and my own personal style and that means so much! Working with the legend that is Sir Tom Jones is definitely one to tick off my bucket list - he was a fantastic mentor and a pleasure to be with.
2. How would you describe your style?
I would describe my own personal style as girly, quirky, glamorous and a little bit different.
3. How long have you been wearing glasses?
I have needed to wear glasses for about 8 years but I have only strictly started wearing glasses for about 5 years. I was very put off in the beginning as I was not aware of how many great styles there are. It was a big change to my life - wearing glasses - and I had to really take time to adjust to having them on my face all the time. I was really unsure about them to begin with and until I started exploring the different colours and shapes that frames come in, I was not interested! I started to embrace glasses as a part of me when I realised that they could be a part of fashion and my personal style. This made me take notice and helped me adjust to wearing them. I now see them as a vital piece of my outfit which might be the reason why I have over ten pairs!
4. Who is your 'eyewear icon'?
I really love Eva Mendes - I think the glasses she wears are perfect for her face shape. She likes to wear big, retro, vintage and cat eye shapes and I really love these too. She always looks amazing and is not afraid to express herself with different frames.
5. Out of all of the glasses you have ever had, what is your favourite and most cringeworthy?
My first pair of glasses were very small and very round with gold frames, they were too small for my face really. I was on my way out with the girls and had quickly put my false eyelashes on in a rush. I quickly put my glasses on my face and this pushed my eyelash on one eye and made it wonky. The worst thing was - it dried like this (wonky) and it was not until halfway through my night that I realised and it was too late to straighten my lash! Always make sure - your glasses fit your face!!
My favourite moment has to be my little pink glasses that I wore during my time on The Voice UK (blinds and battles.) Mainly because I had several mothers send me pics of their daughters wearing their own pink glasses. It is my favourite because I wish at that age, I had had someone to follow and look up to who wore great colourful glasses! It really means a lot to me to read/hear from fans who wear glasses and some of their stories are great!
6. What is your favourite thing about wearing glasses?
My most favourite thing is really that I can see clearly! I know it is an obvious one but for years I squinted and tried to do without glasses as I just was not convinced about wearing them. Now, I can see properly and there are so many great styles available which gives me the confidence to be myself. I feel that they help me express who I am and that is something that I really used to struggle with. So I guess that my favourite thing about wearing glasses would really be the fact that they help me to be who I am and be confident!
We love Georgia and think she looks utterly fab in her new Dior specs. We can't wait to hear more from the rising star in future!