We're sure you're aware of the massive star appeal the Prada Baroque 27NS 1AB3M1 has held since its appearance on the fashion scene. Who wouldn't remember these swooping, circular divas at first sight?It has some particularly fantastic features, such as an expanded lens volume for peak maximising of vision across all fields (no more tunnel vision!), and of course, it looks so, so cool.

Oakley Canopy OO7047 Tanner Hall 57-774 Rasta Mane

This is the Tanner Hall model in colour "Rasta Mane", designed after the Freeskiing, Montana-born dude himself. What's Freeskiing, you ask? Also called Newschool Skiing, it's a growing sport similar to freestyle, involving bucket-loads of amazing tricks and feats.


Nice one, Tanner.

In true Oakley fashion, we're given as many unique style options as we could conceive, and the choices with the Oakley Canopy OO7047 feel limitless. Here are some of our top picks:

Oakley Canopy OO7047 57-862

Oakley Canopy OO7047 57-933

Oakley Canopy OO7047 57-776Oakley Canopy OO7047 57-780The options are practically endless. Oakley explains some of the Canopy's finer points, such as their utilisation of the Plutonite¨ lens material, which offers 100% filtering of harmful UV rays, along with a dual vented lens with F3 anti-fog coating. These sunglasses are truly luxurious in design, with a triple-layer, moisture-wicking foam, and a nice by-product of the previously mentioned wide-view lens is that it's fully compatible with most prescription eyewear and helmets. Safe, practical, and super slick. What more could we ask for?


Thanks, Oakley!