So having got the video camera setup with the tripod in our office, we decided that making product videos was the order of the day. Fortunately for us, the Oakley rep had just arrived to show us a couple of new models that will be coming to Pretavoir's website soon. Armed with coffee, shiny new Oakleys, iMovie (and all the creativity we could muster) this ended up being the result. Enjoy![wpcol_1half id="" class="" style="">

Oakley Wind Jacket - Buy it Here

A special version of the Oakley Splitjacket, the Wind Jackets reinforce Oakley's strong link with motorcyclists. To me, they look more like they're aimed at the hog-riding Hell's Angel market than hanging about in the pits at the Superbike GP, but they can be turned quite easily into a 'normal' pair of Oakleys (i.e. the Split Jackets) by removing the the rubber lip and the strap. I think they would work really well in extreme sports too because of the strap and wind-blocking aspect of the design. I'm thinking rock or ice climbing. Or that thing with the wing suit that looks absolutely terrifying. Though the Oakley Wind Jackets only come with one lens, you can get others, and swapping them is simple. It uses the same process as the Oakley Jawbone, where the bottom of the frame under the lens is hinged. Just snap it down, take out the old lens and put in the new one. Personally, I find the system on the Fast Jacket easier but neither one is especially difficult. [/wpcol_1half]

Oakley Fast Jacket - Buy it Here

Oakley took the highly-popular Flak Jacket and added a feature that made it even better: Switchlock interchangeable lenses. Although you could change lenses in the Flak Jacket, the Fast Jacket makes it even speedier (Oakley really nailed it when naming this one). Each Fast Jacket comes with an extra set of lenses - meaning you get one for low, flat light and an all-purpose sunny conditions lens. They also have Oakely's excellent hydrophobic lens coating to repel, well, pretty much everything you don't want on a lens - water, dirt and oil. The Fastjackets also include all Oakley's usual excellent features - HDO Optics, Three Point Fit, O Matter Frame and Plutonite 100% UV-protecting lenses. See our Oakley Technology Page for more information.[wpcol_end_right]The Oakley Fast Jackets are now available to buy from Pretavoir, with the Wind Jackets available soon now also available!