That's the thing with the Ray Ban Aviator - there's too much choice. Which one do you go for? I was having a look through the Pretavoir website today and counted around fifty different styles. You could wear one a week for nearly a year.

Polarised? Gradient Tint? Mirrored?

Ray Ban Aviator RB3460 LensesRay Ban have come up with a solution to this: The RB3460 Aviator Flip Out with changeable lenses. Okay, so changeable lenses have been around for ages from other brands, it's nothing new. These however, are different. Firstly, each pair comes with three pairs of lenses, no less. One polarised, one gradient and one regular tinted (or mirrored, depending on which model you go for). Many swappable-lens sunglasses don't even come with one extra lens, never mind three.That's just the start. This new model is part of Ray Ban's Light Ray range. Light Ray is a super-light, flexible titanium alloy. This means the Flip Out Aviator weighs half as much as a regular RB3025 Aviator. Since it's such a flexible material, changing the lenses is a breeze - even for uncoordinated fingers like mine (See video below).Comfort wise, you can't beat it - you can barely tell you're wearing them. The other model that Ray Ban have kicked off their Light Ray range with is the RB3461 - the changeable-lens version of the classic Caravan model.The RB3461 Flip Out Caravan RB3460 Ray Ban Light Ray AviatorRay Ban Caravan Ray Ban Aviator Changing the lenses:

Why get the RB3460 over the regular Aviators?

  • Comfort. Did I mention they were light?
  • Three sunglasses in one. One of which is polarised to minimise glare for driving
  • Replace-ablilty. Are you someone that breaks stuff a lot? A new lens is a lot cheaper than a new set of Aviators
  • Prescription. We can even give you some prescription lenses to swap in and out - ideal for part time contact-lens wearers
 These are available to order right now and come in three frame colour choices. 
Ray Ban RB3460 Ruthenium Ruthenium (Grey Silver Mirror, Grey Shaded, Grey Polarised)
Ray Ban RB3460 Light Ray Gold Frame Gold (Grey Green, Brown Shaded, Brown Polarised)
Ray Ban Light Ray Aviator Black Black (Blue/Beige Shaded, Grey Green, Grey Shaded Polarised)
             Check out the slightly weird promo video Ray Ban have released for these: