They've been spotted on the streets at fashion weeks around the globe and as the weather finally settles in for Summer, we're seeing round frames become more and more popular.roundglasses2 STREETFSN roundglasses4 roundglasses1It doesn't matter if you're looking for colour or something a bit more classic, with this trend all bets are off. Simple chic black frames stand along side oversized bright flash mirrors. The great thing about the round frame as while it is definitely experiencing a bit of a resurgence at the moment - it's a trend that never fully goes away.raybanblue lindagoldA couple of our favourite frames sit at either end of the scale. First off is these gorgeous blue flash Ray Bans. With a slightly smaller frame but a pop of colour they are perfect for breaking up any outfit. However for those looking for something considerably more luxe and love a statement frame, Linda Farrow's oversized gold mirrors are perfect.Will you be trying out the round glasses trend?