This season has been no stranger to bright colours as we've seen vibrant shades more popular than ever for on the streets. While candy coloured hues are still in favour, the slightly cooler tones of blue flash mirrors and cobalt blue framings are proving to be a more edgy alternative to incorporate colour in to your eyewear collection.blueglasses blueglasses2 blueglasses3 blueglasses4 blue-mirrored-glasses Blue sunglasses have a way of effortlessly lifting a look and adding an effortless coolness to a look. The sharper tones look particularly good with monochrome and work well as a feature colour in any look.We've got some amazing blue sunglasses in this season. From classic aviators in a flash mirror to velvet finished frames you can decide exactly how much or how little you want. We personally think go big or go home and embrace a full on bright flash for a real statement.Will you be embracing blue glasses?