Just when you thought there was nothing cooler than a pair of classic Ray Ban Caravan sunglasses they only go and bring out an 18 carat gold plated pair. The frame is made of hardwearing titanium leaving you with a durable pair of sunglasses which are also extremely light and comfortable to wear. Only 1000 pairs of these were put into production, but this isn't a case of style over substance; this limited edition model provides strong protection against harmful rays, includes anti-scratch technology and a hydrophobic anti-reflective coating which helps keep rain, snow and fog at bay (who says it needs to be sunny to wear Ray Bans?!) The cool gold reflective lens is bang on trend and gives the classic caravan shape a retro feel.Limited Edition Ray Ban 8034KRay Ban 8034K - Buy HereInterested? This model also comes with a display box, microfibre cloth and a handmade genuine leather case...as if you needed any convincing! Slightly more expensive than your regular Ray Ban Caravans, they're well worth every penny. This isn't a splurge, its an investment.