These super cool shades are the latest design from the Italian brand Italia Independent. The frames change from plain into a pattern when they are exposed to temperatures of 26 degrees and above. When the heat wears off and the shades begin to cool, they go back to their basic colour.
I-thermic sunglasses by Italia Independent I-thermic sunglasses by Italia Independent
This Thermosensitive treatment is characterized by a particular treatment that deposits, by a manual process, an enzyme with coloured pigment, so that when the sunglasses are exposed to a 26¡C temperature they react by becoming transparent and showing the pattern underneath. The process is gradual and is forever reversible, allowing them to go through the colour transition every time they are worn.A pair of I-Thermic will always look unique and different in relation to its surroundings and to the physical states of the wearer, making these prefect for a cool sunny afternoon or a hot summers day.Available from us now!