There are few shows that are as ingrained in the public consciousness as Doctor Who. The wheezing sound of the TARDIS, the sonic screwdriver - and for us, some pretty spectacular glasses.From the First Doctor's half moons, Number Five's wire rimmed specs and River Song's cat eye sunglasses have all been firm favourites in the Pret office. With the 50th anniversary airing (and breaking records world wide) we were on the edge of our seats (and behind our sofas) to see how it all played out. However we couldn't help noticing the 10th and 11th Doctor's specs and knew we needed to know how to get the look.Dr. Who10oliversWe love the 10th Doctor's brainy specs! The square tortie shell frame is super easy to wear and pretty much any face shape can pull off. Our picks to emmulate the 10th Doctor's look would have to be these pretty spectacular Oliver People's numbers. The two tone adds an extra bit of warmth which we can always do with!11tf_5254_052_1Pinched from former companian Amy Pond, the 11th Doctor's vintage circle frames are a total old school classic. We think the Tom Ford ft5254 makes a pretty convincing dupe! Tom Ford glasses are always gorgeous and the round frame is perfect if looking for something a bit different.We loved the anniversary episode (and the glasses) but we'd love to know what you made of it! Tweet us your thoughts @pretavoir and let us know what you think of our frame choices.