For us here at Pret, street style and eyewear have always went hand in hand. We all but stalked our favorite specs wearers last season at London Fashion Week, which is why we're super excited about Faces by the Sartorialist, a new digital project from renowned street style photographer Scott Schuman.Faces-by-The-Sartorialist_main_image_object Teaming up with Luxottica, Schuman is going to travel the world photographing stylish and interesting eyewear wearers and chronicling his journey on Faces by the Sartorialist. From minimalist chic to urban street wear, Schuman is capturing sunglasses, opticals and some of the best dressed glasses wearers he can find. Hearing him talk about style and eyewear is inspiring for any glasses enthusiast and are already completely in love with the project.Do you know any other dedicated street style blogs for eyewear?