Socialite, interior designer and style icon, 93 year old Iris Apfel cuts a striking figure. Rarely seen without her oversized owlish spectacles, Apfel is known for her distinctive style which really proves that more really is more.irishouse iris2With her love of maximalism, Apfel curates her wardrobe from around the world, cherry picking pieces that she falls in love with with and building them up to create her unique eclectic style. While her impressive wardrobe has been toured around museums, Apfel is predominately known for her love of striking accesorise. With oversized costume jewellery in bright acrylics and precious metals, she truly shows that style has no age.For us though what really sets her apart are her oversized black acetate round frames, showcasing that one key feature can really help make an iconic look. Apfel's style is so distinct and truly is a celebration of creativity and finding out what you love. She truly is an icon for the ages.