This year L.A Eyeworks celebrates 35 years of creating unique and vibrant glasses, encouraging optical wearers the world over to embrace imaginative and colourful eyewear. We caught up with the luminescent co-founder and co-designer Gai Gherardi at Mido for a quick fire round of our favourite glasses questions.gai la eyeworksWhat is she wearing: Yellow opticals are the new MaFrank frames from LA Eyeworks while suit is custom.Her eye wear icon: Iconic Italian actor, Marcello Mastroianni and a real favourite of Fellini.What inspires her: People, art, film and architecture. She draws inspirations from everywhere.Favourite part of Mido: The people!We loved meeting Gai Gherardi, one of Pret's modern day eye wear heros. We adore L.A Eyeworks and their refreshing attitude towards eye wear design. Their unofficial motto "Freedom From Sameness" is something we adore and has us fantasing over adding some brightly coloured frames to our collection. We just adore the Corncake frame, though Gerardi has definitely inspired us to perhaps try a bright yellow or sherbert orange frame.l.a.Eyeworks-Corncake-296-hd-1For more eye wear style, interviews with designers and special offers remember to follow us on twitter and instagram. We've been adoring their behind the scene snaps from Mido.