After seeing these tiny reading glasses from Calvin Klein folding up for the first time, I decided I'd have to make an animation about them to show off their design. The telescopic 'radio aerial' style arms are my favourite thing about these - there's something particularly satisfying about the action of folding and unfolding them.

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CR1 507 Burgundy Folding Reading GlassesCalvin Klein CR1 Satin Black

CK Folding Reading Glasses

To give you some idea of scale, the case is around the length of a credit card, and about half as wide. For those who generally don't wear glasses for everyday vision, but find themselves reaching for a pair as soon as the newspaper is unfurled, these are perfect. Truly pocket-sized, they're ideal as a second pair of specs to keep in your handbag or as part of your 'wallet-phone-keys' that are always in your pockets every time you're out and about. The unisex CK CR1s are available in prescriptions ranging from +1.00 to +2.50. Comparison of CK CR1 with £1 coin for scaleBurgundy Calvin Klein CR1 Reading Glasses These are available on the Pretavoir website in a choice of four colours. You can buy them here.